A Prayer for You: Anxiety

Anxiety is an imposter. It enters situations where it’s not welcome, to steal the colours of the appreciation of the moment and the pleasure of anticipation, keeping us from things we once enjoyed and locking us away from people and places we love.

We are spiritual beings, so much more than the sum of our parts, limited by our minds and bodies but not constrained by them. Healing comes to us in many ways. It comes through therapy and medication, yet it also comes through the love and support of others and from the one who made us, who knows us and who has the power to heal us.

You do not need to believe in God to pray. You don’t need to have ever been in a church. The circumstances of your life will not prevent him from responding and there is no one he doesn’t hear.

Shall we take a deep breath and pray together?

I’m anxious, God. Sometimes my worries overwhelm me and I get lost beneath them. Some mornings, just the day ahead is too much to face. Some nights I cannot face sleeping because I do not want the next morning to come. Thank you for hearing me.

Loving Father when my racing heart and tightening chest take over, when my concerns about what others think of me keep me away and alone, thank you for staying with me. When my worries cause me to pull away and my pulling-away makes me anxious, break into this cycle with me, and beside me help me to break out.

Father, thank you, that you know what it is like to be anxious. You became human in Jesus. He had a mind and body like ours, and when faced with trauma and trial, in mental crisis he cried out to you and you met him in his pain. Jesus felt the restless churning, the heat and the cold and the pain of anxiety as we do. The Bible tells us that Jesus bore our pain and carried our suffering so that he might bring us healing, so I ask, I pray, in Jesus’ name that you will heal me of my anxiety.


Be encouraged! Your prayer has been heard by a prayer-answering God!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

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5 thoughts on “A Prayer for You: Anxiety

  1. Such a timely message.
    I’ve been using this verse but sometimes it’s hard to ‘just let it go’
    Our elder daughter is due major heart surgery in Leeds Tuesday 8th.
    Not easy to not worry. Things can go wrong.

    1. We pray for skillful surgeons and the best care. We also pray for God’s healing touch to bring a full recovery and strength and peace to you as you pray and wait and care. Amen

      1. Thank you
        I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Operation went extremely well. Due for discharge today after only 6 days. Long recovery but easier at home!
    Thanks for your prayers

    1. We thank God that he is the one who made us, who heals our brokenness and who brings wholeness and health to his children. We watch and pray, and hurt and help and love the ones he has given us to care for, while he holds and heals and loves far more than we can imagine. We will continue to pray for healing and strength and hope.

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