What Is He Doing Here?

“This conversation was going well until someone brought God into it”. We don’t need God, because we can manage perfectly well without him, it seems! As we look around this country, and at the towns and villages in these North Yorkshire Dales it sometimes appears that God has taken the hint, and has left the building. But yet, as I drive along our dales roads, and speak with you, its people, it is clear to me that God is still in this place.

Looking For Buried Treasure?

A hoard of 48 gold and silver items buried by a Viking Chieftain over a thousand years ago, was discovered in a field just outside the town where I live almost exactly 11 years ago today. The thought that there might be treasure to be found, just within our reach motivates us. The gospel writer Matthew recorded a saying of Jesus that has puzzled many people, when he described God’s kingdom as being like a treasure hidden in a field.