A Prayer For You: When God Is Far Away

I was speaking with a friend a few days ago and they explained that just at the moment they felt that they were walking around in a thick fog. At other times in life they had known a clearer sense of purpose, they knew the direction they were traveling in. They knew where they were going and had things to do that would bring their goals nearer to fulfillment. But the situation was different now.

It wasn’t that there weren’t things that could be done. It wasn’t that circumstances had improved and the things that needed putting right, were now all in order. It wasn’t that at all. In fact, they felt, the opposite was true. Life was harder, the rewards for work were less and the world seemed both less understanding and less understandable. The familiar landmarks of old assurances were fading to grey and instead of the bright skies of certainty, all they could see was the fog of confusion.

Perhaps you have found yourself suddenly surrounded by the uncertainty of a circumstance beyond your control. Unexpectedly disorientated you have searched for clarity and clear direction. Maybe you have prayed, for God to intervene and make things better, or to show you what comes next, but you have not heard or seen any response. God can seem very distant when we are overwhelmed by our circumstances, he can seem unreachable, uncaring, and indifferent to our pain, and yet we know that however we feel God never changes. He is always listening and he always answers.

And so if this is you, then this prayer is for you. Shall we pray together?

Father God, it feels like you are far away, that you don’t see me, and sometimes it feels like you don’t even care. This situation  I’m living in has overwhelmed me. If I used to be certain of how things were, now I am not so sure anymore. God, it is so hard to know what to do. So hard to motivate myself to do very much, especially when I’m not sure what it is I can do, and if that would even help to make things better. But thank you, God, that I can be totally honest with you, and that you listen even if I feel like I have nothing good to say.

Father, I don’t understand why you have to feel so far away, or why I have to feel so alone. Your Bible says that you are never far away and that you promise never to leave us, so even though I cannot see you now, I will trust in your word and your promises. Where my trust is weak, I ask for your strength and please God, let me know you are here. Hear me and answer me, I pray.

Lord God, I’m hoping for better days. For this fog to lift, and for life to be better. But in the meanwhile, I’m asking for you to give me the strength to get through today, and tomorrow too. I’m asking that you will come close, that you might share something with me, a word, a conversation, some writing that reminds me of who you are, and what I mean to you, and that you and others care. I ask that you will be with me in this fog, that you will settle my anxieties, quieten my mind and calm my heart.

Perhaps Father, this time in the fog will not be time spent alone but might be an opportunity to spend time with you. Maybe it could be a place where the concerns of the world become more distant, a time where my spirit is refreshed, because in this fog I have found you, and ultimately you are all that I need. So Jesus, thank you for being here with me in this fog, thank you for never leaving me, and thank you that I can rest in you knowing that whatever happens, we are in this together.


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8 thoughts on “A Prayer For You: When God Is Far Away

  1. God given timing for me to read this – thank you so much

    1. I pray that you will sense his nearness and know his strength.

  2. Indeed good timing.
    Sometimes I do wonder/ wander …
    …but I always seem to be brought back

    1. It is often easy to imagine that he is not real or close, but we know that wherever we go, we cannot be far from him. Bless you.

  3. What a beautifully honest & heartfelt prayer. Resonates with me . Thank you for sharing this.

    1. When we pray what is on our hearts God meets us where we are. Bless you and thank you.

  4. Thank you for this Charlie, a lot of words I very much needed to hear. God bless you.

    1. God is much closer than we ever imagine! Bless you.

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