A Prayer For You: Overwhelmed

The world is very big and I am very small. People and the practicalities of living put pressure on me. They make demands, require answers and actions. We try our best, give our time and attention, use our abilities, and spend the resources we have, but sometimes it doesn’t work and we have and are, not enough.

When on a good day I see the waves coming, and they wash around my knees as I walk along, I know that on other days, often days that take me by surprise, the same waves overpower me, knock me from my feet and leave me faltering, struggling, and overwhelmed. These are dark lonely days. In them we question and we doubt. We form new ideas as to how life really is, and who we are.

But the truth is that everyone has felt overwhelmed at some time. We have limited resources, more skills and capacities in some areas, and fewer in others. Life is complex, as are people and the many situations we face. But there is one who knows this better, who has been there himself and yet understands how every creature that has ever lived was formed and will be there with us if we ask him to be.

In Jesus the God who caused the universe to be, took human form, and lived and experienced life like us. More than once, the historians tell us, Jesus was overwhelmed by the grief and pain of the situations he faced. So when I pray, especially when life overwhelms me, I pray to the God who gets me, because he has been there, and with him I know we will get through.

So if this is you, and if it is now, and if you’d like to, shall we pray together? Speak out loud, or pray in silent agreement. Either way, God does hear us and he answers.

Father God, in this moment, life is too much. I don’t feel that I can cope. I am overwhelmed, overpowered. I feel sick and my body is telling me to run, or to hide, but there is nowhere I can go to get away.

Please, God, hear me, see me, and hold me. Let me know that you are there, let me really feel you close. Thank you, God, that you know me, because you gave me life and that you love me, more than I’ll ever understand. Thank you that you promise to be with anyone who calls out to you and that you offer a wholeness and peace that will guard my heart and mind from this doubt and despair.

So, Jesus, I ask for the strength to face today. Show me, in some tangible way, that I am not alone, that Jesus you are with me, and that together we can do this. And Father God, help me to see you at work in the circumstances that threaten me. Bring your healing and hope, your grace and goodness, your joy and your light. And I ask this in Jesus’ name.


Be encouraged

God answers our prayers. When he does and if you feel able, it would be great to hear from you. Please comment below or PM through Facebook and others will be encouraged too.

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2 thoughts on “A Prayer For You: Overwhelmed

  1. so appt for my circumstamces at the minute
    other people have so much more but I know my troubles are just as important to Jesus
    Thank you

    1. When we ask the question, “How can we know that the God of the universe knows and loves us individually?”, he takes us back to His answer; “Jesus!”

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