A Prayer For You: For Encouragement

Inside us all are dreams and hopes for better things for ourselves, our families and for the world. We tell our children to imagine what they might become when they grow up and as our adult lives progress, we picture what we might do when we retire. But yet, not every plan becomes a reality, opportunities are not so often presented, people do not always deliver, and much that we would like in this world comes at a higher cost than we can afford to pay. When our hopes and dreams hit the harsh realities that this world holds it is easy to become discouraged. We lose heart, lose faith, lose the strength to keep on.

If this is you, then this prayer is for you. I pray it over you and with you.

Thank you, Father, that even before we pray, you know what is on our heart. You know our hopes and dreams, what makes us tick, what we want for ourselves, and what we desire for the people we care for. Thank you, God, that even if we have not spoken with you before, or for a long time, you already know us, because it was you who gave us life, and you see us now.

Father God we are speaking with you now because we feel discouraged, feel let down by other people, overlooked perhaps. We feel confined, caught where we are by circumstances, but wanting more from this life. We feel we have more to offer yet lack the opportunities we desire to do the things we enjoy, to be who we hope we might be. We know our own limitations, that however hard we have worked sometimes still things do not work out, that our best is not always good enough, and how this hurts. We have been let down, by those who could have helped or not stood in our way, and by our own bodies, limited by our capacity, our fitness, the diseases we bear, and the circumstances of our births. Father, we are praying to you because discouragement has come against us and we desire more.

So Father we ask that we will see you at work in our circumstances. We ask that you would change the things we cannot change ourselves. We ask that you would heal our bodies and our minds. Give us new strength every morning and the energy to keep on when we feel like giving up. Give us opportunities to try again, to do, and be what we hope we can. Direct us towards the people, situations and things where real value and lasting peace of mind are to be found. Teach us to see, appreciate and understand what you see value in, so that we can begin to value the same ourselves.

And Father may we begin to see what you see in us. Turn our eyes, free our hearts, and unlock our minds so that we can comprehend how loved we are by you. Reveal to us who you made us to be and what you made us for. Remind us of what you were prepared to go through for us. How Jesus faced hardships and disappointments, was let down, betrayed, and died to give us the hope of something better, both now and in the future. Help us to understand that in all our circumstances, you are in control and that you have the power to work all things together for good.

As we look to you for encouragement, Father, in circumstances that keep pulling us down, take us back to your promises to everyone who asks for your help: that you will never leave us alone, that you will hear our prayers, that you will answer us, sustain us, and you will give us your peace. And as we face an uncertain future Father, we thank you, that in you, our future is secure. That in you, there can be fullness in this life, and living hope when this life ends. So, Father set your joy in our hearts, and as we feel them fill with your encouragement help us to share it with those around us who need it too. Amen

Be encouraged.

It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Deuteronomy 31:8

The Bible is full of encouraging words. If you need to know what God is saying now, then you could read the following passages.

Gen 28:15

Deut 31:8

Psalm 55:2

Matthew 28:20

Romans 8:28

1 Cor 10:13

Hebrews 13:5

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