“You Came!”

The unexpected knock, the sudden uncertainty, the surprised smiles, the rush of relief mixed with excitement. “You came!”

When you had given up thinking that they would come and were settled into the ache of the hope you could not let go of, that perhaps they might. When you had put the thing you had left by the door to give to them, back into the drawer with a mental note that you knew where it was, if that day ever came. When, in busy times you did not give the thought time to surface, but it did every time you paused, or looked out. That’s when it came…

A Prayer For You: Who Are Grieving

Death, bereavement, loss – whatever the word we use to describe it, it hurts. For you it may be something recent, raw, a present reality that overwhelms the everyday. Or maybe your loss was some time ago and you have had to live on without them, meeting moments you should have met together, being places where they should have been, and you grieve both the one you have lost and the future you should have had together.